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Syngonium Pink Splash Variegated

Syngonium Pink Splash Variegated

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You will receive a similar plant to the first two photos, a healthy well-rooted starter plant in 2-inch pot. Grower's choice but I can provide exact photos of your plant per request. Please note the color option doesn't mean the plant will stay in that color forever, all my starter plants are propagated from the same mother plant, they sharing the same gene, the color difference is only because of the growing condition, you can maintain or alternate the color per your taste by growing the plant in a controlled environment that promotes the color you like.

Syngonium pink splash is an easy-going uncommon plant with pink arrowhead shaped foliage. As you can see in my three photos, they are all from the same mother plant, yet they can look so different depending on the growing condition. From pink and dark foliage to peach and green foliage, you will never get bored. Based on my personal experience, the color is related to the light intensity and age, darker light darker foliage, newer foliage more saturated color. And just as most syngonium, the shape of the leaf will change from the classic arrowhead to tri-lobed and eventually penta-lobed shape based on the maturity of the plant. A variegated plant that changes form and color, what could be more fun.

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