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Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Aurea Variegated

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma Aurea Variegated

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This beautiful variegated rhaphidophora tetrasperma has only circled around a few well-known aroid collectors for the past few years, I was lucky to collect one in 2021. Thankfully this plant has been growing well indoors, and I am able to produce a few healthy cuttings to share here. The variegation is relatively stable as you can see in the mother plant photo, every cutting is taken from the same mother plant with great genes of variegation.

For the cutting options, I will pick the best one in terms of variegation and root development from my stock to ship. The linked photo is a sold example. I can provide photos of the exact cutting before shipping.

For the other plant option, the linked photos are sold examples which will be similar to what you receive, you will receive photos of the exact plant before shipping, I can also send photos per request before buying.

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