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Philodendron Persimmon Princess

Philodendron Persimmon Princess

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You will receive the exact plant in the photo which switches automatically when you select the option. For the grower’s choice option, you will receive the best plant available that’s similar to the listing photos, I will provide photos of your exact plant before shipping so you can have confidence in the purchase.

Philodendron Persimmon Princess is believed to be a sport form of Philodendron Pink Princess, it was discovered in Japan and named by the rare plant legend Kunzo Nishihata, whom I sourced this plant from and can provide proof of purchase.

The foliage color of this plant is forever changing, starting from orange and peach, then golden and salmon, then green and pink, then eventually chocolate and pale pink. Sometimes it can have random variegation of dark red based on my experience(see plant D). The variegation is completely random and hard to predict. I have seen people trying to sell a regular pink princess under this name, but an easy way to tell this plant apart from a pink princess is to see if the newest leaf comes out orange, if not then it’s probably not a persimmon princess. In terms of care, it is very similar to a pink princess, if you can successfully grow a pink princess, you can grow this.

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