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Monstera Obliqua Peru

Monstera Obliqua Peru

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Once the holy grail of monstera, monstera obliqua peru is my favorite foliage plant with holes. The extreme hole to leaf ratio gives this plant a very exotic look. It loves high humidity and medium to low light, I grow my mother plant in leca with some charcoal, but I also have success with growing it in sphagnum moss. It's a great terrarium plant considering its humid-loving nature and relatively compact growth. I was able to air layer some of the nodes to promote the air roots to increase your success rate of growing the wet stick into a plant.

For the air layered node option, the examples are shown in the last photo, you will receive a node with a little air root that can jump-start your propagation process.

For one leaf-cutting option, you will receive an one leaf rooted cutting similar to the third or fourth photo, I can send photos of your exact plant per request.

For the starter plant option, you will receive a rooted baby plant similar to the second photo, with 2-3 juvenile leaves, I can send photos of your exact plant per request.

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