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Contour Planter

Contour Planter

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Size (Inner Diameter)
Double Wall

This planter comes with drainage holes by default.

The double wall option gives extra strength and can be no drainage per request.

With a background in architecture and art, I view plants as a unique art form, deserving of their own artistic showcase – a planter. As a passionate plant collector, I've realized that interacting with planters is an integral part of my daily routine. From this perspective, I've designed the Contour Planter. True to its name, this planter captures the natural shapes, lines, and dimensions inspired by organic forms. Its design is influenced by the comfortable curves we find in the human touch. You'll enjoy running your fingers along its surface and feeling its organic shape resting in your hands.

This planter is 3D printed out of a plant-based bioplastic eco-friendly material. This planter uses a matte finish that resembles white ivory. It's triple-walled, sturdy, and lightweight.

Outer Dimensions (Outer Diameter x Height):
3inch Option - 4.25" x 4.18"
4inch Option - 5.50" x 5.38"
5inch Option - 6.87" x 6.87"
6inch Option - 8.18" x 7.87"
7inch Option - 9.56" x 9.56"

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