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Begonia U682 'Irian Jaya'

Begonia U682 'Irian Jaya'

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Begonia U682 'Irian Jaya' is an indigenous species of Begonia found in the captivating region of Irian Jaya, situated within Indonesia's Papua province. It is renowned for its remarkable foliage and vibrant hues. The leaves of Begonia sp. Irian Jaya are typically sizable and exhibit an asymmetrical form with prominent veins. This plant often showcases an arresting blend of colors, ranging from green and silver to red, captivating the onlooker's attention. Similar to other Begonia species, Begonia sp. Irian Jaya thrives best in well-draining soil and prefers indirect or filtered sunlight.

You will receive a similar plant to the ones in the last two photos.

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