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Begonia U012 Terrarium Culture

Begonia U012 Terrarium Culture

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Begonia U012, originally discovered in New Guinea, thrives in shaded areas near water. It flourishes in high humidity, but it's crucial to avoid prolonged wetness on the leaves to prevent melting. Because of it's water-side habitat, I have observed that this plant prefers a more moist growing medium. Its notable features include a densely hairy hot pink stem and eye-catching pink margins on the leaves. The green coloration in the leaf's center can vary, ranging from vibrant neon green to a deeper shade of green, which I believe may be connected to the plant's maturity. From what I have observed, younger, smaller leaves tend to exhibit a greener hue, while larger, mature leaves showcase a darker shade. In my experience, Begonia U012 has proven to be a somewhat challenging species, as leaf melting/dropping or even stem breaking may occur due to factors like condensation on the leaves, stress from environmental changes, or the stress of transportation during shipping.

The plant in the cover photo is my mother plant. The last 3 photos are sold examples that are similar to what you will get. I can send photos of your exact plant per request.

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