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Begonia Roseopunctata Terrarium Culture

Begonia Roseopunctata Terrarium Culture

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This stunning begonia can get surprisingly tall and big, my mother plant's current biggest leaf is reaching about 8-9inch long. It's not hard to grow, but it's hard to nail down the perfect leaf color, which I personally think is a combination of a pastel metallic pink and a turquoiseish green. Due to its increasing size, I had no choice but to grow it in my greenhouse cabinet where the temperature and lighting are higher than my begonia cloches setting, and that's when I noticed the new leaves started to get slightly distorted and the color becomes about 2 shades darker and intense, which is still a good looking statement plant. If you like begonia muara waha, but want a bigger statement piece, this begonia roseopunctata would be a perfect option.

The first two photos are taken for my mother plant before I moved her to my greenhouse cabinet, the last photo is similar to what you will receive, I can provide photos of your exact plant per request.

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