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Begonia Muara Waha Terrarium Culture

Begonia Muara Waha Terrarium Culture

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This begonia is my favorite pink polka dot begonia, I got it from a Chinese collector and it has been an easy-going plant since day one. It's a cane type begonia with gorgeous metallic pink and olive green leaves. Definitely a collector plant with the potential to be a centerpiece in a terrarium or cloche. It stays in a cute small size, the biggest leaf I have so far is under 5inch. I personally have been growing it in full sphagnum moss, but I have customers telling me they do perfectly in a well-draining soil mix. It requires high humidity, so please don't leave it in room humidity for too long after unboxing. The color of this plant can change per the lighting condition, I found the ones I grow in more intense light have pinker polka dots and darker leaves, the ones in lower light have more silvery polka dots and metallic green leaves.

The last three photos are similar to what you will receive. I can send photos of your exact plant right before shipping per request.

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