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Begonia 'Ginny Galaxy'

Begonia 'Ginny Galaxy'

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Begonia 'Ginny Galaxy' is one of the few relatively stable variegated begonias. The variegation usually starts lime green, progresses to yellow, then eventually turns into pink. I grow this plant in my Ikea cabinet where humidity stays around 70-85%, but I have grown the reverted 'ginny galaxy' in regular room humidity with absolutely zero issues. This plant has a shrub-like growth structure and seems to be easygoing probably thanks to being a hybrid. To maintain a healthy level of variegation, some selective pruning may be required, but based on my own experience, the fully variegated leaves seem to have some level of photosynthesis capability because it usually come out greenish first before turning full pink, and they last very long, almost as long as the regular leaves.

For the plant + alphabet options, you will receive the exact plant in the photo which switches automatically when you select the option. The cover photo showcases the mother plant which I propagated from.

For the grower's choice option, I will select the best plant in stock and send exact photos to confirm before shipping so you can be worry-free.

For the reverted plant option, you will receive a reverted propagation of this plant. I cannot guarantee if the variegation may or may not come back, but based on my personal experience, I had some luck with methods like cutting back or leaf/stem propagation. The non-variegated version itself is also pretty good looking with an extra lush shrubby growth pattern.

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