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Alocasia Venom PREORDER

Alocasia Venom PREORDER

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Alocasia 'Venom' is a rare mutation from Alocasia Amazonica. I was lucky to source this plant from a good friend from Thailand. While young seedlings resemble a normal-looking alocasia, the mutation usually becomes apparent after the 6th or 7th leaf, resulting in striking silvery variegated contortions, granting an alluring and almost otherworldly appearance.

Upon purchasing the starter option, you'll receive a starter plant resembling the ones in the last two photos. The cover photo represents a mature mother plant (NFS). Expect availability in 1-2 months, or sooner with successful acclimation. Rest assured, we'll send precise photos when your plant is ready to ship. USPS Express or UPS overnight shipping is recommended.

Plant A will be the exact plant in the 2nd photo. USPS Express or UPS overnight shipping is recommended.

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